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Eco-Leather by Veilu

Eco-Leather is an innovative and totally eco-friendly product developed by Veilu which defies pure leather fot its own characteristic of nobility of use.

In its estate near the PU-coated leather, we can highlight the absorption of moisture, perspiration, flexibility, elasticity, colour uniformity and strong resistance.

Its ecological significance, respecting the environment, has been endorsed by AITEX, a leading laboratory in Certification Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which ecological label determines worldwide if the item is free from harmful substances.


Eco-Leather is strongly settled in the market, establishing a new era in the pure leather's substition.

Eco-Leather is a true solution to your needs.


  • Calzado de seguridad
  • Calzado deportivo técnico
  • Calzado hockey
  • Calzado ciclismo
  • Sandalias bio
  • Calzado sanitario

Cloth Backing

Eco-Leather in its mechanical features, it is comparable to PU-coated leather, for its great resistance to tearing. Its high resistance to abrasion and its capacity of more than 80000 bends at a temperature under -20º C. proves its durability for all uses, even in extreme climates.

Eco-Leather it's by itself a technical material subtitute of pure leather in every application to the shoe, leather goods, upholstery, automotive, etc. industries. All of them already work with this innovative product having proved its excellent qualities and results.